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The project of Bitcoin allows anonymous transfers and property values. Bitcoins can be saved on computers in the form of a file or portfolio in portfolio services provided by third parties; and in both cases bitcoins can be sent over the Internet to anyone who has a Bitcoin address. Bitcoin P2P network topology, and the absence of a central administrator makes it infeasible to any authority, Government or not, to manipulate the value of bitcoins or induce inflation "printing" more notes. The great advantages of the coin are the reduced costs of capital transfers between different countries, a secure system managed on a decentralised basis, with security implemented redundancies in your code base and a quick and cheap way to shop online. More information on-Wikipedia This video in English also explains the concept: video First Steps To participate in the biggest revolution since the invention of the Internet tecnológicafinanceira is only necessary to choose a portfolio to save money, as in physical money. For that we have a few options that can go through software installed on the PC, software for smartphones or on websites. The most popular options are available at this link: Wallet After installing the portfolio is necessary to generate an address so you can receive the money in your wallet. You can have an "unlimited" amount of addresses. The addresses are visually similar to this, which, by the way can be used for donations if you have enjoyed this article: 19W4DfLDpHmEjcofXfekjpRTWbGyUnN45N Once the wallet to save money ... and now? But how can I make money with bitcoins? Doing Tasks Online, using sites that offer immediate rewards for doing simple tasks (see films, fill out forms, visit sites, etc) Participating in programs of "Mining of Bitcoins" Playing in the purchase and sale of currency 1. Doing Online Tasks
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